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Universal Device Tester

Universal Device Tester is a testing tool for devices with serial interface (RS232).

Why Universal Device Tester?

Testing a device via serial communication often becomes a challenging activity, especially when there are different kinds of devices involved, and when testers often need to switch from one kind of device to another. Each device has its own communication settings (such as different baud rate, parity, etc.). On top of that, each device requires its own set of commands (message sets) that it understands and responds to. Therefore, even a technical professional may sometimes loose track of the communication settings and command sequences when it comes to test a particular device.

To make things more complicated, it is often the case that a device testing is outsourced to less than technical personnel because the technical staff is busy doing something else. Thus, the quality assurance and control is often performed by people who are not very knowledgeable about the serial communication details and communication characteristics of a device. Needless to say, testers often get confused, time is wasted and products get tested inadequately.

Here comes the Universal Device Tester. This tool provides the capability to pre-setup communication profiles for different devices in advance, where each profile includes both comport settings and command messages for the corresponding device. Each profile is stored persistently, and once selected it will contain all the required knowledge about the given device. This way, each profile can be setup by a knowledgeable staff once, and then it can be outsourced to staff of various technical skills: during the testing activity a user can simply select a required profile from the list (for a given device), and then select any one of the pre-configured commands to issue it to the device. The tool will then display the message sent to the device, as well as a response from the device.

Please click "Download Universal Device Tester" link in the left panel to download the software package. Select "Download UDT User Guide" to download the user guide with installation and usage description for the tool. The software is free for personal use but requires a license if used commercially. Please go to
Pricing.php to read the license agreement.

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